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I was a Peace Corps trainee in Kabul, Afghanistan in the summer of 1973, a epochal season in the history of that sad country. Much of the Kabul I remember has been blown to bits. Much of the reconstruction is being done by greedy corporations with an eye to profiteering from the abundant natural gas reserves in that area of the globe. Into that same mix add the ongoing historical forces of jihad, the Pushtun border issues with Pakistan, the remnants of the "great game" politics, opium wars, Christian proselytizers, the millions of mines littering the countryside - a bleak prognostication seems unavoidable...

I recently had some of my old faded slides scanned. I have posted a few here and will add more in days to come:

The links page on the site below has a wealth of information on both the current situation there, as well as descriptions of the state of Kabul before the wave of chaos and destruction which began in 1978.

I am always interested in communicating with anyone who might have been there in the 70s, especially ex Peace Corps personnel.


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