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Jay Fitzgerald is a rare combination of action and contemplation. His promotion of engine-less sailing and books on the subject are well known to a small but intense group of sailors, survivalists, and iconoclasts. Jay's diatribes and essays on ethics and morality are a welcome relief from the whimpering of most these days. Not for the faint of heart...


Fiction & geography
A comment at John Crowley's blog got me thinking about the connection between a writer's experience of an actual geographical place compared to its literary portrayal. Conrad, and Nabokov certainly visited or lived in some of the places they wrote about - other compelling authors have not, but succeeded (at least much of the time) in painting convincing portraits of certain places. Crowley's journal is here:

Tom Disch is reading my mind!
A recent newspaper article noted some 1 in 99 Americans were in jail as of January this year. This hardly surprised me as I have been telling anyone who will listen (and certainly some who don't want to) that by the year 2040 everyone in the county will either be in prison, or working for the prison system. It will truly be a simple class structure, with total security for all. Even now the prison lobby is one of the most powerful in the nation, and just about everything we do is illegal. As Stan Ridgeway put it so elegantly in his song "Southbound": "Everybody does what nobody will allow."

Which brings me to Tom Dish's poem "Jailers and the Jailed". Of course I hadn't thought about his shadowy figures who will own them "...as invisible as movie stars." Read this and other great poems by the author here:

word wide words
I'm sure I am probably the only one here who did not know of this site, but just in case some of you have not found it: http://www.worldwidewords.org/
Michael Quinion's enthralling explorations of language are absolutely addicting. Where else can you quickly explore the history of such words as "fustilugs" or "deasil"? Fun site!

Torture spammers?
Although I am dismayed (but not surprised) by reports of torture and our government's apparent approval of such practices, I may be ready to make an exception. A recent incident of spam using one my accounts leaves me wondering if water-boarding might not be an appropriate punishment for spammers and phishers!

Edward Leedskalnin
I made my first trip to Florida last year to see a relative and became aware of an interesting tourist attraction called the "Coral Castle", built by Edward Leedskalnin. I didn't manage to get to the Coral Castle, but I did get to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. Next trip I hope to see the castle. It is amazing to read all of the crackpot theories that have been postulated as to how he built the place. Of course he encouraged such thinking by working at night and giving mysterious cryptic answers to how he constructed the place. Definitely a man who had too much time on his hands!

Fully Informed Jury
Grettings all!
I will start this journal with a link to a site every prospective juror should know about.
As a prospective juror you have the right to judge the law as well as the accused, but don't let the court know this, or you will probably be disqualified!

I don't expect to talk much about political matters, but all of us are political creatures whether we like it or not - best to be informed.

For the most part I will be posting on other subjects. My main interests are literature, music, and sailing these days.


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